• Our dresses bring you Happiness!
  • Our dresses bring you Happiness!
  • Our dresses bring you Happiness!


Voloca Wedding Dresses ® - Our Dresses Bring You Happiness!

In the 80th of the last century, during the Soviet perestroika, people with entrepreneurial set of mind from the Soviet Union for the first time in the postwar period had the opportunity to realize themselves.

Historically, being at the crossroads of commercial routes, the residents of Bukovina remembered their traditional attraction to welfare and beauty, took heart and in every town or village appeared the first free entrepreneurs.

However the craftswomen of the village Voloca, having a unique attraction to creative beginning in the new economic conditions showed themselves in a special way.

Using traditional Romanian motifs of the national dress, fine lines of the Austrian aristocracy, wealth and diversity of Bukovina, modern trends of European wedding fashion they have created a unique style - Voloca Wedding Dresses.

The brand Voloca Wedding Dresses ® is based on the original ideas of the young, but already recognized designer Elizabeth P, in which the variety of models are always intertwined natural freshness, elegance of a girl's beauty and the style of an experienced designer.

Her first wedding dress Elizabeth sewed under the strict supervision of her parents, when she was only 10 years old, after 25 years of hard work the dresses of her design were already presented on the numerous exhibitions.

Many designer dresses of our trademark already found their happy owners not only in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania, the Baltic countries, but also in France, Italy, Germany and other Western European countries, because the dresses from Voloca Wedding Dresses ® bring happiness!

And if you want to organize a wedding in a traditional style, we can also help you and your guests to feel the full flavor of the National Traditional rite in authentic costumes, made by hands of our craftswomen!

We are sincerely thankful to all our fashion designers, cutters, embroiderers, craftswomen, suppliers, managers, wholesale partners, brides and their grooms. We are also grateful to all those who, with their fresh look, exceptional talent, hard work and sincere advice, help us to create a little miracle called "Voloca Wedding Dress", with whom in the house of newlyweds Thanks to Divine Providence, comes happiness!

Our Dresses Bring You Happiness!