• Our dresses bring you Happiness!
  • Our dresses bring you Happiness!
  • Our dresses bring you Happiness!


The brand Voloca Wedding Dresses ® cherishes its multi-year impeccable reputation, uses only high quality materials, modern methods of processing and cutting, and our designers create not only an attractive appearance, but also the comfort of the bride throughout the festive evening, and wonderful memories for all life. Made with Love, our Wedding dresses bring happiness to the Newlyweds!

To order a wedding dress directly from the designer-manufacturer is always advantageous because you can discuss the smallest details of the model that you have selected to create your own Dress of Happiness, pay for you exclusive dream less than even in many internet – shops because there are no intermediaries between us.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all individual orders of the designer dresses that were placed 45 days in advance will receive 5% discount and in case of 100% prepayment you will enjoy 10% discount.

Brand Voloca Wedding Dresses ® is loyal to its exclusive distributors and loyal customers and is alway ready to discuss the possibility to offer an interesting deal. We have a fascinating system of discounts for our permanent partners and customers:

   • Order up to 10 dresses and get 3% discount.

   • Order up to 30 dresses and get 5% discount.

   • Order up to 50 dresses and get 7% discount.

   • Order more of 50 dresses and get 10% discount.

Our Dresses Bring You Happiness!